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5 Simple Christmas Cleaning Tips

The holiday season is here! While you’re baking holiday treats, wrapping presents, and decorating the house, it’s important to ensure your home is clean and ready for your guests. However, with everything going on, finding the time to clean can be challenging. By following a few Christmas cleaning tips, you can have a tidy, stress-free holiday season.

Keep reading to learn 5 simple Christmas cleaning tips.

Prep the Mud Room

To be ready for the guests coming and going, get your mudroom in good shape. Make sure your loved ones have enough room for hanging their jackets, including space for gloves, scarves, and shoes.

Looking to make more room? If you need additional space, consider adding a few bins for extra items like hats and umbrellas. Also, make sure the floor is mopped before everyone arrives.

Tidy Up Bedrooms

Your kids wait for the holidays all year long. Not only do presents get them excited, but they also love seeing family. That said, when there’s so much going on, your kids won’t want to clean their rooms. Before the holiday madness occurs, make sure to tidy up these areas. If not, you could be left with a disaster within days.

For a fast cleaning session, gather up the kids and get to work. Help them throw away trash, pick up toys, and wipe down surfaces. Getting these rooms tidy beforehand can save the stress and headache later!

Focus On the Master Bedroom

The holiday season can be the most stressful time of the year. While it’s awesome to see family, getting everything cleaned, cooking, and making plans can take a serious toll. That said, you need a place to unwind and relax. But if your master bedroom is full of wrapping paper, presents, and clothes that you need to wash, this can make the stress too much to handle.

To limit the anxiety, make sure to de-clutter the master bedroom before the Christmas festivities begin. Put away the laundry on the floor, wipe down surfaces, and make the bed. It’s essential to have a clean, stress-free place where you can chill at the end of a busy day.

Spruce Up the Kitchen

When the holiday season arrives, there’s one place you’ll be more than anywhere else—your kitchen. As you’re baking holiday treats, cooking Christmas dinner, and making your famous apple pie, it’s crucial to ensure this area is tidy. And while you’ll be in the kitchen often, so will everyone else. To ensure this common area is looking its best, there are some things you can do.

First, take some time to clean the cabinets and walls around your kitchen, including your appliances. Also, focus on your oven and refrigerator, as these will probably be used often. Make sure these areas are free of grime. Another tip is to make sure your countertops are always as clean as possible.

Last but not least, the dishwasher should be a main priority. If it’s not working correctly, you could be handwashing tons of dishes, which would take forever. By making sure the dishwasher is working as it should with enough detergent, you can give yourself extra to spend with loved ones.

Spend Time On the Living Room

If you give one area of your home a little extra TLC during the holiday season, it may be your living room. After all, this area is extremely popular during Christmas time. To get this area prepared, grab your duster, cleaning spray, and vacuum—then get to work. You’ll want these areas to be free of any dust and debris. It’s also wise to pick up any clutter and items that shouldn’t be there.

Additionally, make sure to water plants in your living room. Dead or dying plants can be unappealing. Also, take care of any troubling stains or spots on your carpet. These can be a pain to get out, so make sure to tackle these well before your guests arrive.

By following the cleaning tips above, you can have an enjoyable, stress-free Christmas with the ones you care about most!


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