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Your New Year's Resolution For a Cleaner Space

Keeping your home or office space tidy can feel like a huge task. Rather than thinking of cleaning and organizing as one giant task, think of it as a series of simple habit changes. While it sometimes seems impossible to manage everything on your plate, here’s a fool-proof list of easy, no-nonsense, and obtainable New Year’s resolutions to help you get your house, your office, and your life in order.

  1. Declutter your desk at home and at work.

Gather all of the items in and around your workspace, then ask yourself two very important questions

  1. Do I love this item?

  2. Do I use it regularly?

The response that first pops into your mind is THE RIGHT RESPONSE (in this case). If you answered no, it goes into a trash or donation pile. The key to all of this? Get rid of the piles right away! Don’t let it sit around because nine times out of ten, stuff is going to end up right back where it started.

  1. Throw away your trash right away.

This sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised to learn how much of your mess is actually stuff meant for the trashcan. Don’t let things like shopping bags, expired coupons, scratch paper, or broken pens and pencils sit around and add to your mess.

  1. Clear your surfaces.

We’re all guilty of having the one catch-all surface that just looking at it, overwhelms us. Flat surfaces anywhere are an instant magnet for clutter. Pick one surface first, like your office desk, and clear EVERYTHING off. Before you start adding items back to it, pick up each one and determine whether or not you should and need to keep it. Things to ask yourself to decide this?

  1. Does it work?

  2. How often do I use this?

  3. Do I need this to do my job well and efficiently?

Doing all of the above makes your new year's resolutions to have a cleaner and more organized space seem so doable. Even more so when you call us to help with the big stuff. We’ll have your office and home in tip top shape with our deep cleaning services, or one of our weekly or biweekly cleaning service options!

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