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Spring Cleaning: Declutter and Clean The Right Way!

The dreaded spring clean. It’s here, and it’s time to start making a plan for what to do, when to do it, and the best way to do it. You owe it to yourself and your family to enjoy a clean that’s more than dirt-deep. While it’s overwhelming to think about at first, enjoying a healthy home isn’t as hard you may think. I’m hoping this blog will be the thing that makes spring cleaning more manageable and maybe even enjoyable!

1. Make a Schedule:

Take the time to do some recon around your home before anything. Ask yourself the following questions:

|. What rooms bother you the most?

||. What areas of the house do you use most often?

|||. What do you skip during your regular room cleaning?

After you’ve asked these questions and answered them honestly, make a plan that works for you. No matter where you start, your list will help keep you on track and reduce the chance you get overwhelmed and just give up.

2. Make a Playlist:

I know this probably sounds silly, but take the time to put together a playlist of songs or podcasts that you like. Listening to something you enjoy while doing work that you may not enjoy makes the job more pleasant and maybe even more productive, depending on what you listen to!

3. Take the Time to Declutter:

Spring is the perfect time to address any winter or fall clutter you have. What you’ve used and what you haven’t is fresh in your mind, and that's the perfect time to get rid of things you know are just taking up space. Be honest with yourself and don’t hold on to something just because it’s something you've always had. Do you love it? Does it bring you joy? Do you need it in the house? If you answer no to these questions, then toss the clutter aside, and open up space in your home.

4. Give Your Walls and Windows Some Love:

Spring is the perfect time to get your windows sparkling clean both inside and out! Enjoy the beautiful weather. Put those headphones in and deep clean those windows. Take time to wipe down and refresh your dirty or dingy walls, to take your spring cleaning game to the next level.

5. Always Work From Top to Bottom:

It’s important to start from the ceiling down. It will save you time, and prevents you from having to re-dust, sweep, or mop areas. Get those cobwebs, dust the ceiling fans, and wipe down any upper moulding first. Don’t waste time sweeping or vacuuming until after doing this.

I know. It still seems overwhelming. That's why I’ve attached my printable room by room spring cleaning checklist.

Download PDF • 196KB

Check it out, and if you still have questions give me a call today! We’ll get you on board for a free consultation!

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