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Start the School Year Off Right with a Little Organization!

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Yay for a new school year! It’s time to reclaim your household! Well, sort of. Now is the time to clear the summer clutter and make way for the lovely new clutter that comes with school, backpacks, homework, and all of the extra curricular activities!

So let’s get organized! I know, I know. It isn’t what you WANT to do right now. But you will be so glad you did! Trust me, you do not want that summer clutter and the school year clutter to join forces! Here are a few simple tips to help you get started:

1. Make sure everyone knows their role

Chores probably need to change between summer vacation and a new school year. The tasks assigned to each family member will need to shift; your kids may go from needing to keep their sand toys picked up to keeping their school books picked up. Make sure everyone understands their responsibilities now that the seasons and your schedules have changed.

2. Decide what can stay and what can go

If you’re like me, you have probably accumulated quite a bit of stuff over the last few months. From vacation nic nacs to summer activity supplies, I’m betting you have a few things lying around that don’t have a designated place. You have a decision to make; you can either keep it or toss it. It’s really that simple! If you decide to keep it, decide upon its permanent place in your home. If you can’t find a permanent place, consider letting it go.

3. Books, books, and more books

I am not one to get rid of books. Ever. I just can’t do it. But whether you are for or against purging your book stash, you can at least give it a thorough examination and rearrange it so that your stack of completed summer reading rotates to a less accessible location and your new, autumn reading list takes center stage.

4. And then there’s the closet

If your family is like mine, once summer ends, the play clothes have seen better days. Since the seasons are about to change anyway, it is the perfect time to go through the closets, piece by piece, and determine if you should keep it, donate it, or dispose of it. This will free up space for all of the cozy sweaters, jackets, and scarves.

So what are you waiting for? Get started! Believe me, even tacking these few areas with a quick decluttering session will make you feel accomplished and ready to face this new season.

And of course, give us a call if we can help in any way! We are a customer focused cleaning service, and would love to help you get set up for a wonderful school year.

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